2017 Dinner22017 Dinner2
(Open Invitation)
This is your once-a-year opportunity to see “The Den” and have a chat with some of your former teachers.
First Wednesday in August every year.
Old Lion’s Bar, Greenwood Hotel, 11am-2:45pm

Your opportunity to enjoy a refreshing ale or two with your former teachers. Please contact reservations@oldlions.org.au or call 9498 7624 if you plan to stay for lunch.
For many years, like other secondary school (state or private) alumni, we used “year of leaving” (YOL) or “Class of ...” to create a time identification. But not all students completed high school. Some students left after 2nd year; others joined in (say) 4th year, because their family moved into the area; others left because they had to get a job to survive; or families moved out of the area.

We decided that to categorise members solely by YOL was, inaccurate, confusing and unfair, and we came up with the “Stream” system. So ... for example ... if you were in 1st year in 1959 and/or 2nd year in ‘60 and/or 3rd year in ‘61 and/or 4th year in ‘62 and/or 5th year in ‘63 then you belong to the “5963 Stream” and your Golden Anniversary (50 years) will be in 2013.
We have not been advised of any Stream reunions currently being planned.